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Universal Studios - Thursday, August 5, 2004
I took my grandfather and his friend to Universal Studios. Aside from the driving, it was pretty fun. Since my grandfather uses a wheelchair, we were able to get this Guest Assistance pass that let us bypass the normal lines for the rides.. which meant almost instant access to everything.

Man.. it was so cool. We got front car seating on the tram tour, got to go in before everybody at the Terminator 3D show, got front row seating at other shows, and got into Backdraft and Back to the Future immediately. What would be cool is if we got to ride the new Mummy rollercoaster, but old people shouldn't go on those things so I didn't even think about suggesting that. Ah well.. it's all good. The only thing that bugged me was the admission price: even though I had a coupon that let each of us get in for the kid's price ($10 off), each ticket still cost $40. Ouch.
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