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The Internship Course - Thursday, July 20, 2006
A couple weeks ago Tom Shen from church hooked my resume up with the company he works at- Digital Insight, a leading banking software provider. I'm going back to school in fall, so I could only work for summer, and there weren't any summer positions available. But the HR manager contacted me when one finally opened up, and I went in for an interview.

Both the HR manager and the interviewers seemed impressed by my resume and interview performance. Nonetheless I got passed up because, according to them, they were looking for somebody who could ideally work longer than summer. Go figure.

No matter. The position didn't seem too engaging - doing basic hardware work such as wiping hard drives and doing base Linux installations on machines, and the occasional office work like lifting boxes. Plus, I would've had to drive 1 hour in each direction to their facility in Westlake Village.

And it leaves me free to pursue other, more interesting venues. For example, yesterday I and another guy, Fred, were appointed the System/Web Administrators for ESUC, an engineering society at UCLA that runs a network of computers and a central web server.

ESUC hasn't had a sysadmin for a year, so their site was a tad disheveled. Fred and I spent 6 hours hacking CMS modules on the server to get ourselves in with admin privileges, and filtering out the hundreds of spam messages that had accumulated on the message board. The site looks better than a pile of fish already.