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Speaker Fun - Tuesday, May 23, 2006
The speakers on the laptop I used to have were downright horrid. So bad in fact, that there wasn't ever an instance when I preferred to listen to music through the speakers rather than through my $6 pair of headphones. That was the ONLY way of listening to music I was exposed to.

So for the most part, music sounded the same regardless of what bitrate it was encoded at. I couldn't detect the difference between CD quality MP3's and radio quality MP3's. Thus I vehemently decided that any songs over 128kbps took up more space than they deserved. When I stumbled upon a re-encoding program one day, I was all too happy to trim those excess megabytes from my collection.

Ignorance is bliss. But it usually comes back and bites you in the rear. Now that I have a real speaker system, some of these songs don't sound so great when blasted around the room. They sound grainy, and details are missing.

Fortunately I wasn't ENTIRELY a fool, thanks to Gmail. Before deleting something, if I thought there was even a 1% chance of me wanting to recover it in the future, I archived it in Gmail. I guess I didn't fully rule out the possibility that I might get a killer speaker system one day. Or more likely, just better headphones...

The day is saved. And Gmail says: You are currently using 2636 MB (97%) of your 2727 MB.