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School... - Wednesday, October 4, 2006
So classes started last Thursday, and I've been swamped with work ever since. 100 pages of reading for Linguistics, 50 for Psychology, and requisite but not required readings for my two Computer Science classes. I'm learning to appreciate school more and I've managed to avoid slacking off and falling asleep in class, but it's very, very tiring. Not to mention I'm getting less sleep than is ideal and have had to put personal and club-related projects on hold because I simply don't have time.

Every day I have a solid block of work and class from morning till afternoon. I have to get sack lunches and eat on my way between buildings. Wednesdays are my worst days because I have a full 7 hour day.

As far as classes go, Linguistics and Psychology are actually pretty interesting. My Compilers class is unique in that it incorporates what I've learned in my previous 3 years of CS classes. It sounds fun, but I haven't yet seen the projects that are supposed to be killer.

And finally, my Circuits lab is.. well how should I put it, the TA doesn't seem to have it together. Today he gave two quizzes randomly in the middle of a lecture. And he was speaking over a PowerPoint presentation made by some professor from a different university. He was reading almost word for word and, when asked questions about it, would mumble something unintelligible. I don't know if he really understood the slides himself.