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Pure Holiday Party - Monday, December 10, 2018
Last Friday was the Pure annual holiday party, this time at the Fairmont San Jose, a very swanky hotel in downtown SJ. I normally don't want to go to these things, but Priscilla likes free food and the event wasn't too far away (compared to being in SF last year), so we went.

We arrived at the start of the event (7:30) and claimed one of the reserved parking spots. Pure had pre-paid for 300 spots spanning two parking garages. Getting to and, later, leaving the garage was hectic, but the fun night more than made up for it.

The theme of the party was prom night. But in a cool way, not in a lame, ghetto high school way. I never bothered going to my high school prom, but there's no way it could've compared to prom Pure style.

We basically had an entire floor in one wing of the hotel reserved. There were food stations galore: Mexican, sashimi, liquid nitrogen ice cream, hot chocolate. There was a room set up with student desks and The Breakfast Club playing, and a blackboard on which somebody had written "I will not push a test killer during the holiday party" (engineering inside joke) many times. There was a room with a pool table. Another with karaoke. And another with a bunch of video games including two-player tetris, space invaders with a laser gun, DDR, mechanical pong and more. There was a silent disco where a DJ was playing songs and you could only hear them if you put on a pair of multi-colored flashing headphones.

In the main ballroom was a band that was really loud, people dancing, 4-way air hockey, and a 2-player basketball game. And a couple times during the night, a marching band made their way through the halls playing a song at full blast. So awesome.

We ran into four people from my team. But it was pretty loud everywhere and hard to hear people, so mostly it was just a night of food and fun activities. Compared to the holiday party two years ago at the Computer History Museum (which was not bad at all), I think the company really outdid itself and went over the top this year. Excited to see what they do for next year!