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Positive to Negative - Thursday, December 15, 2022
In my previous post, I mentioned that we tested positive for COVID on a rapid antigen test last week, after testing negative the week before despite having cold symptoms. We got a PCR test last Friday and it confirmed that we were positive. But our symptoms never progressed beyond those of the common cold. We've been getting marginally better each day, slowly.

Priscilla has now tested negative, and my latest result was positive but with a very faint pink line that took 10 minutes to show up. I just have slight congestion now, so I'm probably in the home stretch. I should be good to return to the office next week, after having been working from home for the last three weeks. Apparently, my company no longer wants employees to report when they catch the virus, and we're no longer enforcing any type of isolation requirements. It's up to individuals to decide what they think is right now. The CDC's new guidelines state that you may end isolation after day 5 if you've had mild symptoms and are fever-free. Such a change from how things were before. I guess we really have turned the corner on this pandemic.

We still have no idea whom we caught the virus from. Being sick was an inconvenience, but we got the best case scenario. None of the friends and family whom we saw in LA got sick, and our symptoms stayed mild. Our church friend who caught COVID around the same time (not from us or vice-versa) had it much rougher, as did my aunt's sister-in-law, who was hospitalized due to low oxygen levels. Now we have some natural immunity that will hopefully protect us from serious illness for a while longer. I'm thankful for medical science and for the different tests we have readily available to us. And for the ability to work from home, which is a privilege that many don't have.