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Pawning My Laptop - Thursday, February 9, 2006
I've decided against replacing the burnt motherboard on my laptop. Not only would I be spending an additional $250 on a computer that has a history of cooling problems, amongst other things, but other components such as the processor and RAM might've be damaged and fail eventually. By the time I really need a laptop, there will be better things on the market at cheaper prices. So I'm going to sell my laptop for parts on eBay, which should actually be able to fetch a decent sum of money.

Yes, people do buy broken laptops! Some Dell model that was slightly better than mine sold for about $500 including S&H, and a model that was slightly worse also fetched a pretty penny at $400. That's more than a third of their original retail prices. Not bad for a broken laptop.

After this I'll finally be able to buy that extra RAM that I want. :D