Blog: New Phone Just in Time for School

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New Phone Just in Time for School - Tuesday, September 26, 2006
I bought a used Verizon phone off eBay and activated it as a replacement for my damaged phone. So I will be answering my phone again.. to the extent that I regularly do, at least. ;)

Moving into the dorms was a breeze. I arrived on the last day when most people had already moved in, so I didn't have to fight anyone getting stuff from the van up to my room.

At first it looked like all my stuff wouldn't fit comfortably, but being the engineer that I am, I was compelled to rearrange all the furniture to achieve maximum space efficiency. So this year I get to have my server next to my desk instead of hidden behind my fridge.

I also got a new 19" monitor, so I'm running a dual display setup. Being able to watch a movie fullscreen while doing work on the other is sweet.