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Jia Yo! - Tuesday, December 5, 2006
These past two days I did something that I haven't done for as long as I can remember: all work and no play. I've been working on my CS project every minute of my available time. No games. No aimless browsing the web. And tonight I finished it, two days ahead of schedule.

I was about to start studying for my Thursday final when I got a call from Priscilla. Long story short, we're officially in a relationship.

... Um. People at church already knew we were dating. I didn't want to ruin the surprise until we were going steady. But somebody had to let the cat out of the bag early!

So ok, yeah. Nobody has to guess now. Priscilla and I are now girlfriend and boyfriend. Respectively. Ahem.

And now I'm blogging instead of studying for my final. Grr, look what you made me do, Priscilla!