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Camping and Alcohol? - Saturday, August 12, 2006
I've been meaning to write about the camping trip but didn't get around to it because I've been busy redesigning this site. The final layout revisions are looking promising!

On the camping trip, we didn't get to do some fun things as planned, such as waterskiing. But meeting and bonding with new people made it worth it. And the fond memory of eating a ton of fried food and getting sick because of it.

Tonight Priscilla treated me to an expensive dinner at Lulu's Cafe, where the main motive was alcohol. Prior to today, I've only tasted a couple sips of wine, but that didn't stop me from ordering a cranberry martini and a whole bottle of Chardonnay, which I somehow managed to finish 3/4 of. After that I felt really sick and threw up in the bathroom. So much for that expensive dinner.

Well now I know my limit, which isn't much at all (I got really red after those couple sips last time). Apparently my body really doesn't like "unhealthy" things. The college-induced craving to drink has been satisfied, and I don't think I'll be doing it again any time soon. I don't think I'll ever be able to get drunk to the point where I start losing the ability to think, since I can't hold my liquor long enough. That's ok, it tastes like uh, crap, anyway.