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(11/16/21 23:15) Steve Nelson: I'm pretty sure you misspelled the word "chet" on your site. You might want to check out a site like SpellRadar.com or SiteCheck.com which have helped me with problems like this in the past.
(04/22/16 09:17) ey b0ss: o dam m9

ur last comment b4 mine was posted n 2011
(04/22/16 09:15) ey b0ss: lol ur old website has (stupid) video games m8
(08/24/11 17:18) whoamme?: yo! pink is MY color on this not very used comment board!
(11/30/10 01:39) Anson: Egross: Sweet! I'm glad it worked out for you!
(11/28/10 16:29) Egross: Thank you Dragonskies Media!
We activated an unused device with your advice!
you are awsome!
(11/16/10 06:33) 1231: 123
(10/22/10 11:58) lolp: mmmm
(10/05/10 16:56) Anson: Edison: glad I could help!
(08/18/10 21:09) Edison: Thanks for the information. I did it. it's activated and working.
(12/21/09 15:55) whoamme?: hooopala!!!
(11/06/09 23:55) Anson: pretty long, apparently =/
(10/02/09 12:57) whoamme?: wow...so much spam. it's been a year since i've even commented...wonder how long it'll be when you actually read this =)
(10/27/08 16:22) whoamme?: wahhhhhh!!!!
(10/27/08 13:42) dave: what is a tagboard?
(10/26/08 18:55) romGrooli: There was this guy see.
He wasn't very bright and he reached his adult life without ever having learned "the facts".
Somehow, it gets to be his wedding day.
While he is walking down the isle, his father tugs his sleeve and says,

"Son, when you get to the hotel room...Call me"

Hours later he gets to the hotel room with his beautiful blushing bride and he calls his father,

"Dad, we are the hotel, what do I do?"

"O.K. Son, listen up, take off your clothes and get in the bed, then she should take off her clothes and get in the bed, if not help her. Then either way, ah, call me"

A few moments later...

"Dad we took off our clothes and we are in the bed, what do I do?"

O.K. Son, listen up. Move real close to her and she should move real close to you, and then... Ah, call me."

A few moments later...


"O.K. Son, Listen up, this is the most important part. Stick the long part of your body into the place where she goes to the bathroom."

A few moments later...

"Dad, I've got my foot in the toilet, what do I do?"
(08/23/08 12:01) Alan: Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.
(07/19/08 16:25) whoamme?: finally!!!
(07/14/08 10:22) whoamme?: write something!
(06/23/08 00:57) Anson: every so infrequently :)
(06/20/08 16:47) whoamme?: hmm, do you even check this tagboard anymore?
(06/13/08 15:12) Anson: haha touche
(06/12/08 19:10) .....: "What's on your mind? Join our non-realtime discussion and leave messages for me and other visitors! Spam will be ruthlessly annihilated."

So what ever happened to ruthlessly annihilated.
(06/12/08 12:31) .....: "What's on your mind? Join our non-realtime discussion and leave messages for me and other visitors! Spam will be ruthlessly annihilated."

So what ever happened to ruthlessly annihilated.
(05/28/08 10:29) Anson: noob hax0r
(05/27/08 23:41) OWNED: <h1>LOL
(05/27/08 23:40) OWNED: HAHAAHA
(05/27/08 23:40) OWNED: <script> alert('HACKED BY HAZER'); </script>
(05/27/08 23:40) OWNED: <script> alert('HACKED BY HAZER') </script>
(04/28/08 15:39) `: PEBKAC
(04/25/08 13:08) artkolkovk: Hey guys I had an old laptop running XP Pro. A couple of weeks ago, every time I would connect to the internet via DSL or wireless, the hard drive light would come on - as if it were writing something to the hard drive. It would cause IE to run slower than dial-up. I looked in task manager and although the CPU usage was high, there didn't seem to be a process listed that was using it. I used LavaSoft Adaware to scan on a regular basis as well as Norton 2005. I eventually gave up and bought a new laptop (Vista Home), which now has the same problem. It is obviously related to something that I copied over to the new computer from the old computer. But the things is, Norton Internet security isn't picking up a virus. I used it to scan everything before copying it on to the new computer. Has anyone heard of such a thing or had the same problem? I'd much rather be able to find and remove the problem rather than restore.

(04/04/08 13:30) Anson: just silly spam bots. i'll eventually put in a new anti-bot system when i'm not being so lazy..
(04/02/08 21:56) whoamme?: you know that the joker is dead? poor guy...
(04/01/08 22:27) whoamme?: who ARE all of these people who write on your comment page???
(03/10/08 22:46) whoamme?: update-o!!!
(02/26/08 04:07) Freeman: You make my day!
(02/23/08 12:00) Anson: Heh. I guess I came across as overly harsh. SmarterChild knows I'm half just poking fun at him. I was disappointed with its rejection of my valid answers in the game, and my point was that its programming (checking for "bad words" having complete precendence over everything else, it seems) creates some (though probably uncommon, still slightly annoying) limitations.

In that sense, SC is not optimal for the word scramble games I like to play. Of course, I understand that that game is not SC's primary purpose, and making SC really "smarter" at handling user input might cause performance issues in a system that has hundreds of thousands(?) of simutaneous users. That's reasonable. What I really care about is finding a good word scramble game that does what I want it to do.
(02/22/08 03:07) Retort: Anson - Not Much Smarter

Maybe you wanted "could it have been written any more sloppily?" I think you can do what you did with "make" but not with "write" because make can apply an adjective to an object. For example, you can make the code sloppy, but you can't write the code sloppy.

We also usually think of "sloppy" code as code which is unmanageable due to bad formatting or nonmodularity. That is, sloppiness of code is independent of the design/implementation, and you shouldn't be able to determine it just by observing the final program's behavior.

It seems you mean the design is "sloppy," but "a hack job built on simple pattern matching" is pretty ambiguous to me. First of all, remember that all chatterbots require pattern matching at some point, so what you're doing seems like criticizing a car for having wheels.

Wikipedia also says that "SmarterChild uses a combination of complex pattern recognition and simple natural language recognition to take user questions and comments and translate them into database queries." Maybe your point is that SmarterChild doesn't do much more than pattern matching; I know we can't always trust Wikipedia, but this quote does contradict you.

If you're criticizing SmarterChild for not behaving enough like a human, that's addressed by the quote as well. I don't see people claiming that SmarterChild was designed to trick people into thinking they're chatting with a person. It acts as a human language interface into databases. No, it doesn't parse human language perfectly, but neither does anything else. No, it's also not nearly as good as other NLPs, but it does the job enough for most people.

People these days just feel like they're in position to pass judgment...
(02/04/08 22:52) Test: <b>LOL</b> "Death Note"?
(01/09/08 21:51) T: LOL Death Note
(01/09/08 18:31) whoamme?: finally you updated! you better update when you're up north!
(01/04/08 17:22) AaAZeeeeeD: Hi there! , i have spend so much time trying to find so helpful site like your dragonskies.com !
Thank you!
I'am sure i will stay here forever now! :)
(12/14/07 12:06) Anson: oh yay, then i'll meet Jeeeeesus! he's so much cooler than you!
(12/13/07 19:08) whoamme?: you will die in seven days...if you go to sunnyvale...so stay here and never leave :P :P :P
(11/28/07 10:24) naisioxerloro: Hi.
Good design, who make it?
(11/25/07 21:33) icoccucky: Many people find using such small devices and small screens somewhat troublesome to say the least.
(11/19/07 23:41) Anson: "Will Harry be able to rise to the challenge for the Tri Wizard Tournament while keeping up with school?" - yes.
(11/19/07 22:27) soronide: Harry's fourth summer and the following year at Hogwarts are marked by the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament, in which student representatives from three different wizarding schools compete in a series of increasingly challenging contests.
However, Voldemort's Death Eaters are gaining strength and even creating the Dark Mark giving evidence that the Dark Lord is ready to rise again. In the unsuspecting lives of the young wizard and witches at Hogwarts the competitors are selected by the goblet of fire, which this year makes a very surprising announcement:
Hogwarts will have two representatives in the tournament, including Harry Potter!
Will Harry be able to rise to the challenge for the Tri Wizard Tournament while keeping up with school or will the challenges along with Voldemort's rebirth be too much for the young hero?
(10/31/07 23:59) Anson: mmmm, meat is goooood
(10/31/07 15:39) SMOKEY: Plates of meat
(10/31/07 14:13) LAUREN: Beauty is only skin deep
(10/31/07 13:28) DAKOTA: Upset the apple-cart
(10/19/07 11:18) Anson: nuuuuuuuuuu!!!
(10/18/07 22:55) whoamme?: and sashimi...fresh from the freezer.
(10/18/07 22:39) Anson: really? yummy!
(10/18/07 17:59) whoamme?: update! or i'll make you eat pizza on saturday!
(10/18/07 17:20) whoamme?: update! or i'll make you eat pizza on saturday!
(10/18/07 02:56) Test: Hi

(10/10/07 10:24) Anson: how so? credit card perks like cashback and buyer protection are very useful to me.
(10/09/07 22:53) `: Credit cards are for the weak.
(10/09/07 14:23) CandyShopGirl: Yo!

What do you think about Tokio Hotel? >:)
(10/07/07 23:13) Anson: yeah maybe if you start using your credit card more, you won't accumulate so much loose change ;p
(10/07/07 11:05) Orisseowery: Excellent!
(10/06/07 10:42) spencer: hi
(10/04/07 23:20) whoamme?: the amount of penny rolls i had totaled to $14. thanks for the slave labor :P
(09/28/07 02:24) mmm: sassas
(09/19/07 08:20) whoamme?: teach me how to use a mac!!!
(09/11/07 09:12) whoamme?: so in one year, our computer is gonna go "boom" also, so please fix it!!! :P
(09/08/07 21:35) `: Spam
(08/30/07 10:35) Anson: chet di!
(08/29/07 15:16) `: Spam
(08/28/07 12:19) Anson: yeah look who's talking!
(08/28/07 09:01) whoamme?: update, mister!
(08/25/07 08:06) OVGuillermo: Thank you for your site. I have found here much useful information.
Good site ! ;)
(08/24/07 00:14) gelowano: When courage is needed, you're never around.
(08/22/07 13:18) JimmyVsn: How's it hanging y'all?!

My name is JimmyVsn.
I thought I'd say hello...

I think this is a great forum, so I'm sure I'm going to like hanging out here and participating!

Take care,

(08/21/07 10:43) Anson: yeah it is.. lol. maybe you're thinking of my evil clone or something.
(08/21/07 01:42) `: That's not the first time you played Settlers of Catan.
(08/18/07 02:31) TeeroCino: One for all and all for one, helping everybody.
(08/16/07 01:21) `: Heck, add a few more hours to that and your site could be redone too!
(08/16/07 01:18) `: Pfft, one hour job tops. And that's being generous!
(08/16/07 00:38) Anson: wow a lot of spam today. -_- i guess that's what i get for being lazy to finish rewriting my tagboard.
(08/15/07 18:42) `: So tempting to participate...
(08/15/07 12:49) whoamme?: wow, you're always being spammed :P i think that "power" came with a script, so there wasn't any writing involved.
(08/01/07 09:42) JanekMakowski: I'd like to say hello to all people on this board.

(07/29/07 20:08) Anson: :'(
(07/29/07 00:24) `: You know...you'd make a very bad forum moderator.
(07/25/07 23:45) Anson: let us learn what?? scuba diving?? o.O
(07/25/07 17:14) Vortymool: Hi people. I really like your site dragonskies.com ,let us learn.
(07/18/07 08:12) whoamme?: so that's what spam is :P
(07/17/07 22:08) Anson: the europe entry takes up more page space, but if you go by actual number of characters, the weird dream entry probably still wins. ;)
(07/17/07 20:37) whoamme?: so, which one is your longest blog entry...is it still your weird dream or is it europe...?
(07/17/07 08:35) whoamme?: i guess i don't totally HATE the film. i still might watch it again (maybe w/ commentary :P) maybe watching it again will give me more luv and appreciation for it :P
(07/08/07 17:15) Anson: jmmbacon: i don't think there would be any sites that offer that kind of info for free. i think cell phone numbers are different from landlines since they are run by private carriers, so there would be privacy issues and whatnot. there IS a site that i use to give me info about cell numbers, but it only tells what carrier and city the number is based from, and it only lets you make a few queries before asking you to pay. http://www.nonpublished.com/
(07/08/07 17:12) Anson: thanks ae! the trip was really fun. and so tiring :)
(07/07/07 08:21) jmmbacon: Does anyone know of a way to find out the owner of a cell phone if you know their number? I see many sites for reverse lookups for cell phones but they charge almost 100 bucks.

All of the free reverse phone number sites have a fee after you put in the phone number. Anywho.com or whitepages.com or any of that stuff does not work since you have to pay to get a report.

Are there any ACTUAL free ones out there?
(07/07/07 07:13) ae: sounds like you're having an awesome time.. glad to hear! =)
(06/25/07 17:49) Loghikeels: Hi!
My name is Tomas!
(06/16/07 00:44) Anson: nah i don't know who that is. why would i be awake that early??? except to go to catalina?
(06/14/07 16:31) whoamme?: i mean yesterday...
(06/14/07 16:31) whoamme?: you were awake at 6:25AM today???
(06/13/07 09:52) test: again
(06/13/07 06:25) test: again
(06/12/07 14:36) Anson: count on it.... someday
(06/12/07 00:48) whoamme?: hmm...u really think you're gonna achieve your goal in being better than me in cooking?
(05/30/07 16:10) Anson: hmm it seems like i erased a newline character when i was editing last time, which causes the following message to be inserted in the wrong place. i'll have to fix that. i might as well start working on that new tagboard again -_-
(05/30/07 16:08) Test: again
(05/30/07 10:44) whoamme?: whoops...you can delete that...i was just wondering why my comment went in between your two other ones...i don't get computers...
(05/30/07 16:08) Test: test
(05/30/07 10:43) whoamme?: hmm, contraversy...i wanna spam you! teach me how to spam you!
(05/30/07 10:43) whoamme?: hmm, contraversy...i wanna spam you! teach me how to spam you!
(05/28/07 21:01) Anson: ray: who WOULDN'T have a vendetta against you? ;)
(05/30/07 10:42) whoamme?: hmm, contraversy...i wanna spam you! teach me how to spam you!
(05/28/07 20:59) Anson: hi Marian007, thanks for the comments, but it'd be nice if any of that stuff were actually applicable ;0. lol and your spam link has been removed, bot!
(05/28/07 01:47) `: What Marian007 says is true! My posts always disappear. I bet the forum moderators must have some vendetta against me.
(05/26/07 07:25) Marian007: Feedback about the forum!
I'd like to give some feedback about the Forum, I am surprised how few people use it, here are some of the issues I have observed and heard from members:

1. From the homepage there is no apparent direct link to member forum. I find it each time by going to the blog and going to the disclaimer where it gives you the link to Member forum. Could you maybe make it more visible, and more people will use it.

2. Quite a few people have mentioned that they submitted non-offensive posts and that their posts got pulled (happened to me the other day) this will surely discourage people.

3. Some people have mentioned that they submitted a post and no reply from w/s staff was ever received..that will surely discourage people.

thanks for listening and have a great day! Marita
(05/22/07 11:58) whoamme?: i'll just say that i meant to say "wo" as in the chinese way of saying "I", so then it makes more sense, so neh!
(05/17/07 12:31) Anson: i just realized you misspelled "whoamme?". so neh!
(05/15/07 00:49) Anson: -_-
(05/14/07 17:19) woamme?: you wrote the word "steam" twice in that blog entry...another one below...
(05/14/07 16:19) Anson: oh yeah ;p
(05/14/07 14:05) whoamme?: i think in your rock climbing entry, you're trying to say "stream" instead of "steam"...
(05/05/07 23:40) `: Bad boy, no more liquor for you!
(05/05/07 14:28) Anson: yes i think it actually was ;)
(05/05/07 10:55) whoamme?: that...was the longest blog entry...ever...
(05/02/07 16:47) whoamme?: finally! i'll give it to ya on saturday...if i remember.
(05/01/07 23:21) Anson: let me borrow it then o.o
(05/01/07 21:24) guess...: you should read ender's game =P
(05/01/07 18:04) whoamme?: update, mister! blog about stupid stuff!
(04/29/07 23:31) Anson: yeah uh.. that pretty much sums it up, ray
(04/29/07 19:38) `: All you need to know is that it's Anson's way of making himself believe he is contributing to society.
(04/26/07 12:29) whoamme?: i was reading the stuff on the link, and i still don't understand what folding proteins are...you're gonna have to explain it to me...
(04/18/07 14:23) Anson: haha i wish. but my dad gets them cheaper when they're on sale with rebates.
(04/17/07 17:26) whoamme?: is TaxCut free?
(04/16/07 00:22) Anson: gee, thanks seth. i'm glad to hear you really liked the game. but uh... exactly what game are you talking about? i don't have any games on this site... lol
(04/15/07 15:04) seth: i like the game so much
its one of the nicest game i have ever played on the net
(04/12/07 12:39) Anson: eh? what did i do now?? lol. if you wish to contact me, please click the "Contact" nav link at the top of any page!
(04/12/07 08:25) ExLabordiner: Please, give me contact address (email or msn) of this site administrator...
(04/07/07 09:45) Anson: yeah ray. i never bothered to fix it. but i'm redoing my tagboard so i'll get around to it now ;p
(04/05/07 21:48) madonna: HELLO ALL
(04/03/07 11:18) whoamme?: vegas, baby!!!
(03/30/07 16:34) `: It was an hour off before. I pointed it out, but you still didn't notice.
(03/18/07 09:08) anen: hi
(03/16/07 00:58) Anson: oops. good catch. it's fixed now ;p
(03/15/07 19:09) whoamme?: you that whenever i try to blog search your 2007 entries, it always gives me your 2005 entries...
(03/13/07 00:14) Anson: i'm not sure. but i didn't change it. i think it may have been an hour off before, so now it's compensating ;p
(03/12/07 16:22) whoamme?: did you change it yourself, or did the daylight savings time change automatically?
(03/12/07 16:21) whoamme?: test...
(03/12/07 14:30) Anson: pris: say that when you go back to hong kong ;p
(03/12/07 14:30) Anson: wai-yin: thanks for the comments!
(03/11/07 21:30) whoamme?: i don't like shopping that much, and you're cleaner than me!!!
(03/10/07 13:14) Wai-Yin: I like your tag board! I get to read all these random comments. Great stuff and a fan of your work for our club. Thanks Anson!
(02/26/07 14:33) Anson: The spam filter has been upgraded.
(02/24/07 02:47) Anson: Hello pyhrricmadame, I am not a big fan of jazz music. I have more than 1000 mp3's on my iPod too, but they are not of jazz music. I know of a few mp3 sites, but they all appear to have fake content. I don't know why you put quotes around "this", but "this" is my tagboard. And you look like an automated advertisement. But I might be wrong, and you look relatively harmless, despite your funny grammar, so I'll leave you be.
(02/23/07 20:09) pyhrricmadame: Hello, I'm big fan of Jazz music.
I have more than 1000 mp3's on my iPod and always searching for more :-).
What mp3 sites do you know, where i can download <a href=http://www.topsecretmp3.com/?page=artistbygenre&gid=26>Jazz music</a>?

P.S. Sorry for posting in "this", but I haven't found a better category for my post.
(02/18/07 02:24) T: Want some Spam-Away?
(02/18/07 02:24) T: Happy new year~!
(02/02/07 19:38) Anson: I've added a light spam filter designed to further discourage bots.
(02/01/07 21:38) Anson: yeah you did, just not directly ;p
(02/01/07 19:30) whoamme?: i dooo write a lot...when i feel like it :P...and (so that everyone else knows), i did NOT make you make a myspace :P
(01/31/07 14:26) Anson: A new anti-spambot feature has been added.
(01/26/07 11:57) Anson: thanks goose :) how come you're not blogging much anymore? man, even i write more often than you now..
(01/26/07 11:37) whoamme?: it's "jacky"
(01/11/07 12:19) Anson: hmm, i wouldn't know of any SEO software as i've never used it... try wikipedia or google ;p
(01/11/07 08:35) AbraahamLcn: Give me link to SEO software (promotion, advertisement, etc.). I'm need it to promote my new e-shop. Thanks.
(01/11/07 03:32) Anson: oops ;0
(01/09/07 19:58) whoamme?: church ditcher!!!
(01/09/07 17:58) Anson: that could have something to do with daylight savings. i'll look into it.
(01/08/07 12:31) `: I also like how you still haven't noticed that your Tagboard has been one hour off again since you last made changes to it.
(01/08/07 12:31) `: Actually the moral of your story is that you should always have a map of your surrounding area in your car. Maps are much cheaper and easier to come by than a GPS unit and work just as well.
(01/06/07 15:00) Anson: look at all the scary iframes on this site! http://www.corvalliscommunitypages.com/
(01/06/07 15:00) Anson: thanks amy :D
(01/05/07 02:23) ae: happy 2007 anson! =)
(01/04/07 18:59) whoamme?: I AM EVIL!!! HA HA HA!!!
(01/01/07 19:12) Anson: fabian had just a cavity!
(01/01/07 11:03) whoamme?: fabian! fabian! fabian!...
(12/28/06 16:46) Christina: HOW COOL!!
(12/26/06 02:18) &nbsp;: boo
(12/22/06 00:46) meamgirlfriend :P: ...and tired and stressed...can't wait till tomorrow's over...
(12/22/06 00:45) whoamme?: i'm bored
(12/15/06 14:37) Anson: haha, chi left the same message in my voicemail. she probably would've done it on msn too had i not been offline. thanks for the militaristic encouragement chi. i think i did ok on my final :)
(12/15/06 01:40) :: lol. dude. I think HUNTER was Chi.
(12/14/06 17:48) whoamme?: thanks theresa...even though i don't know who you are :P i'll take VERY good care of him. hahaha (evil laugh)
(12/13/06 16:03) Anson: hmm nobody's used orange yet either
(12/13/06 16:02) Anson: thanks theresa :)
(12/13/06 13:57) AnreeLiv: i am a poopy spammer
(12/11/06 22:14) T: congrats to anson and priscilla! ^_^
(12/11/06 22:14) T: nobody has used blue yet... >_>
(12/09/06 14:21) Anson: but it's so fun!
(12/08/06 22:22) `: You should stop talking about yourself in the third person.
(12/08/06 03:36) Anson: somebody needs to stop daydreaming and start studying!!
(12/08/06 00:43) whoamme?: i can make you do stuff. i can make you do stuff. yay!
(12/04/06 15:52) whoamme?: i hate management! there, that's better :P
(12/04/06 15:52) whoamme?: whoops! forgot the colors...
(12/04/06 15:52) whoamme?: i hate management!!!
(12/02/06 11:38) Anson: yeah.. colors were a bit light when i viewed this page on other monitors. hopefully i've found a good middle ground now.
(12/01/06 15:30) whoamme?: it's the most wonderful time of the year!
(11/30/06 19:32) ?!: *Colors need to be darker 'cuz the background is kinda dark. But nvm.
(11/30/06 14:01) ?: colors need to be darker 'cuz the background is light.
(11/23/06 17:46) whoamme?: colors yay! so much better...
(11/22/06 22:49) :: Apparently you only agree with half of me.
(11/22/06 20:32) Anson: colors are back!
(11/22/06 13:31) Anson: yeah.. for once i agree with you, raymo..nd ;p
(11/21/06 20:44) `: Moderation would be easy, but a comments system is worthless anyway.
(11/21/06 20:22) whoamme?: u know that me and crescentia were talking about your love entry also :P i know that i was wrong on one part though. love should be permanent, but i'm glad you kinda figured out that your love is a little...unattainable :P the bible tells us to "love one another". it doesn't say to "be nice to one another" or "appreciate one another". it commands us to LOVE. love is life, anson, so live it! :P
(11/21/06 17:41) Anson: but ya i fixed the tagboard code to make it more friendly to multilines. and for comments for each blog entry.. i think it'd be too hard to follow and moderate (e.g. for spam). i'd rather have one big inclusive section for comments. ;p
(11/21/06 17:39) Anson: ohh pfff. it was just chi. =)

i like how you posted while i was typing my post. doh.
(11/21/06 17:38) Anson: hey xiaopheng. thanks for the encouragement! i guess i haven't fully thought out the love thing, those were more just my thoughts for the day. i might have to rethink my definition of love because yeah, in a way mine is pretty much unattainable outside a circle of family.

i'm not sure i remember your name though.. are you timothy from sojourners? otherwise i guess it really has been too long. lol, sorry! :)
(11/21/06 17:36) Chi: Erf. The message got messed up. In anycase, it just tells you how much I missed talking to you and how you should enable a comment option to your entries. XiaoPheng=Little Phoenix
(11/20/06 14:11) XiaoPheng: Anson! I'm glad you're growing too. :) I've not talked to you in like, forever. :) I miss you, or talking to you.
I want to comment on your blogs! Add a comment option, will you?
There are way more people I love- outside of my family. My closer friends are included in the ring of my love.
And I'm glad you realize that you're living for God and not for yourself. That's the part of the realization I had two Thursday ago; furthermore, I realized only God is capable of the infinite love we try to have (the one mentioned in your recent entry and the one I claim to have for many people). I realized that all things on Earth can only bring me pain, even if they bring me temporal pleasure. Thus, I am going to put all on God. I'm putting all my eggs in one nest, and I know I made the right gamble. :)
see you!
(11/13/06 23:22) : But it's so much fun!
(11/11/06 21:08) whoamme?: hey! don't make fun of people who can't use laptops...or computers in general :P
(11/08/06 01:47) Anson: yeah i told you you were sick pris :|
(11/08/06 01:46) Anson: lol minh at it again?
(11/05/06 22:48) : `rm -rf /`
(11/05/06 21:31) whoamme?: ahh! cough cough! i hate being sick. sorry i didn't see ya today at church :(
(10/20/06 20:40) Anson: oh, she's a freshman. how busy could she possibly be? ;p
(10/20/06 12:34) whoamme?: yo! november 11th is christina's bday. me and stan (maybe daniel) will see if she's not busy and go visit you both.
(10/19/06 20:00) : rm -rf /
(10/19/06 19:49) asdf: $_GET['Message']
(10/13/06 11:12) whoamme?: i miss the different colors that i can use (like on your old tagboard)...
(10/13/06 11:11) whoamme?: clowns can kill!!!
(09/22/06 17:51) Anson: thanks ae! always nice to hear from ya.. hope all is well :)
(09/19/06 04:10) ae: happy housewarming in your new dragonsklicious home... i love the new domain name =)
(09/15/06 22:50) Anson: Needs more dragons.
(09/15/06 14:47) Anson: using pacific daylight time now
(09/15/06 14:46) test: test
(09/13/06 20:51) Anson: yeah i still can't draw for beans =0
(09/13/06 05:38) Anson: What? Really? No way!
(09/12/06 23:40) whoamme?: hmm, what's missing on your page...oh! i know! a dragon! duh!!!
(09/11/06 15:44) T: Old tagboard still up - http://www.fluttering-wings.net/cgi-bin/anson/blogboard.cgi XD
(09/11/06 05:13) : Using eastern time I see.
(09/10/06 19:44) Anson: the timestamp has been modified a bit
(09/10/06 19:42) Anson: thanks kenny
(09/09/06) Kenny: Umm...yeah. I agree, it looks nice. It still isn't the "layout" which I notice though, it's the particular colors and graphics. Which I won't care about in roughly sixty seconds. So congratulations on your 5th or so personal web site with blog or tagboard or whatever.
(09/09/06) Anson: i'll add different colors for text in here soon enough!