About This Site
What's Dragonskies all about?
Welcome to my abode! The purpose of this site is to allow me to share my knowledge and creations with the online community. I am frequently adding articles, tutorials, and software, amongst other things. I really hope you find some things here interesting and/or useful.
This site began in September 2003 as a personal blog hosted on my college's server.

Since then I have written articles, tutorials, and software that didn't quite fit into the existing structure of my blog. Also, the lack of dynamic scripting support on the server limited the features that I wanted to add, and made updating impractical.

The solution was to redesign the entire site from the ground up, which I undertook in the summer of 2006. This was completed in September, three years after the original launch of my blog.

This site now uses PHP and MySQL to make updating and displaying content easy. It is currently hosted by Dreamhost, and they rock.
What's with the name Dragonskies?
I have had a fascination (some would say obsession) with dragons for a long time. Dragons are amongst some of the rarest and most stunning mythological creatures. Their power is something to be both feared and awed. And the fact that they exist only in mythology leaves the characteristics of every dragon to the creative imagination.

I also enjoy the idea of skies and flight, which are native to the world of dragons. I associate flight with freedom and escaping boundaries, which go with my free-spirited personality.
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